JavaScript Fundamentals

In the digital age, coding is an essential skill to have. It is a powerful tool that will help you understand and engage with the world around you. With coding, you can create applications, websites, and other digital products that can help people in their daily lives. Learn JavaScript and prepare to engage the digital age.

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Learning how to code can be intimidating at first but it doesn’t have to be! Our coding classes will provide you with an introduction to JavaScript, the basics of JavaScript, and some resources to engage more into this web programming language.

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6 Reasons to Start Computer Coding


Prepare yourself for the digital revolution

Our students learn computer coding using one of the most powerful languages on the internet.

Get the training you need for success

Our instructors are industry developers who make coding exciting and engaging.


Our efforts are to make coding exciting and fun

Coding is fun for learners which helps maintain focus and engagement in the learning process.

Coding can help foster critical thinking skills

Coding is a great methods to improve critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Learn to code and make your own creation

Learning new skills takes time and effort. Start learning the skills to build what you imagine.

Coding teaches you discipline to achieve goals

Learning to code helps you become a solution driven individual determined to solve problems.

About this course

JavaScript is the programming language of the Internet. This course introduces you to programming for the web by teaching you the fundamentals of JavaScript. You will learn the basics of web page development using HTML and CSS. You will also learn how to manipulate the information displayed on the web using the Document Object Model, also known as the DOM. You will learn how to interact with existing web page data to better understand how JavaScript is used to develop interactive web pages using a modern web browser via your computer. You will also be introduced to some advanced language features such as events, callbacks and asynchronous programming.

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What you will learn

This course provides an overview of JavaScript, including its syntax, basic concepts, and how to use it to create web applications. The course covers topics such as variables, functions, loops, objects and classes. It also covers more advanced topics such as event handling and DOM manipulation. By the end of this course you will have a good understanding of how to use JavaScript to create dynamic web applications.


By understanding how to use variables correctly, you can create more efficient and effective code.


Arithmetic Operators

Learning these operators will allow you to create powerful programs that can handle complex calculations.


Numbers & Strings

Mastering numbers and strings allow you to create dynamic applications that interact with users by manipulating numbers and strings.

Conditional Statements

Learn to use conditional statements to control the flow of your application based on certain conditions.



Learn how to use arrays to store multiple values which can make your code more efficient and dynamic.



Functions & Objects

Understand how to break up your code into smaller, more manageable pieces, and use objects to store data in an organized way.



Learn how to repeat certain sets of logical instructions multiple times to help you save time and effort when dealing with complex tasks.


Event Handling

Learn the importance of responding to user input and user interactions which can improve the user experience within your application.


System Requirements

Here are the minimum specifications needed to attend this coding course.

Laptop or Desktop

6 Gigabytes RAM

Chrome Web Browser

240GB Hard Drive

Windows 10 | macOS 10 | Ubuntu 20.04

Internet: 4Mbps +


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